YCLA’s Campus ‘Renaissance’


Principal Kimberly Hopson inspires her students’ creativity as Youth Connection Leadership Academy rebuilds it campus.  Located in the heart of IIT’s Stuart Hall, YCLA is undergoing a renaissance of sorts, that includes rebuilding classrooms, reconfiguring its teaching space, and reigniting the spirit of learning in its students.

“The need to expand was critical to our ability of providing a high quality teaching and learning environment,” quips Ms. Hopson. “Rejuvenating our campus goes beyond just the classroom build-outs, it gives our students  an  engaging  atmosphere allowing their expressions and rekindling the desire for learning.”

Other phases of the campus renaissance include introducing a January term or J term  to provide students with an opportunity to earn credit between semesters. According to Ms. Hopson, this has also been a strategy to encourage students to avoid patterns of truancy after the Winter Break.

Fusing “Pardon our dust’ sign with artistic creative student expression maybe just the spark…


YCLA-Art-4YCLA Art 5